Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Med change

I know there are many bloggers closing shop til New Years. i am still here, I am just going through a med change and hope to be back in a day or so. I am behind on emails and hope to get that up to date too in the next day or so.

Meanwhile, one of our favorite writers in the blogosphere, Philip Dawdy, a wonderful journalist in his own right, finished his fundraiser and made his goal. Unfortunately, this time the cats have not appeared.

So for all of Philip's readers jonsing for a cat fix, I found an un published picture of my girl which I hope will tide everyone over.

(Click on photo to bring it up larger)


kw said...


You do know that I didn't think you were the "Susan" who was a Spamaholic, right? You'd commented, thanking me for not knowing that you were "Susan". I hope that you meant to say that I knew that you were not the "Spam Susan".

I hope it was just a typo.

In the meantime, I am sorry that you have to go through a med change, but hopefully it will be for the best. I came off Pristiq last Tuesday and am much better.

I'm so glad that Philip realized his goal. I'm worried that he might have been offended by the title of my post that linked to his fund raiser, "Help Philip, Because The Bastard Deserves It!"

Where I come from, such insults are considered compliments. Do I need to tell him I'm sorry?!

Loving the picture of The Lady Miss Holly..... Which reminds me of an old song, "Groove is in the Heart". I'm off to track it down!

susan said...

Thanks Dano- I knew it wasn't me. The only Spam I know is Monty Python! Spam, Spam Spam!

I cannot stand the fact I keep getting email telling me I can extend a body part that I was not blessed with.

Take care with the Pristiq, I hear that is a bear to get off of.

soulful sepulcher said...

I'm still around rambling too! btw, Pristiq is a version of Effexor, and yes hard to come off of for some ppl.

Cute pic of Holly!

Happy Holidays!

soulful sepulcher said...

PS it's freeeeezing here! 18 degrees, and more snow on the way the next 2 days! I wish I didn't wish for snow now!

susan said...

Happy Holidays to you too Stephany. I enjoyed the picture you posted of Koda the new Reindeer.

All he needs now is a red nose, and he is all set for Christmas!

Ana said...

Hope you're better.
I love the song "Groove is in the heart".
Happy Holidays!!!!!

Surgeon In My Dreams said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, pure cuddle material!!

Immi said...

*scritches to Holly*
Oh I'm rambling around, or limping as may be. I'll catch you around on and off through New Year's. Hang in there, Susan. I hope the meds change settles in post haste. *sending hugs*

Polar Bear said...

Hope the med change will go positively.

Take it easy.

Lisa G said...

Lawd, I hate med changes. Hang in :)

Border Life said...

Ah, time to change the cocktail recipe. Hope it goes well. That kitty face is so adorable.

Catatonic Kid said...

Aww, sorry you're so sick from the meds. I hope you feel better soon. I have an old blanket like that. They're the best!

susan said...

@Ana, happy holidays to you too!

@ Surgeon, yes kitty is snuggle material. We have been snuggling on the couch all day watching snow.

@Immi, scritches to your girls and boys. I love your cat site!

@Polar Bear, thank you. Was thinking of you the other day, saw a thing on the evening news about Knut the polar bear.

@Nurse, thank you. I got the best nurse here- my kitty!

@Border life- thank you. She is a doll baby isn't she?

@Catatonic Kid- Yeah, I love my blankey. I have two of them knitted by Grandma. I love them dearly. I never knew the other grandmother, so I really treasure anything I have by them. Grandmas really rock.

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