Sunday, December 7, 2008

Migraine-quick post

For the 4th time this week I have woken up with a migraine. The weird thing is I usually get up between 3-4 am when the cat makes her nocturnal rounds, and walks across my full bladder.

I am fine then, I empty said bladder play with cat for a few minutes, and then go back to bed, shutting the bedroom door this time. I am fine. I go to sleep, lulled by the sound of the fan. It snowed last night, and I still had the fan going on and the heat at 65 degrees. Woke up covered in sweat.

I looked up side-effects for Cymbalta last night when my head was clearer. Migraines, common. Weight loss- common. Yeah, I am on one meal a day, I have no appetite. It says don't prescribe with lithium Sheeze. My lithium in the last 6 weeks has gone from 600 mg to 2800. Do doctors read this shit? This information is even on Wikipedia! and here.(SNRI's)

I am convinced the only med to make me better besides chocolate- is an animal. Here is a lovely video of a cat and a dog- who have unusual talents. They scuba dive,

Enjoy. Happy Sundae everyone.


Laura said...

That's unbelievable. Cats usually hate water. Loved that video!

Monica Cassani said...

no doctors, in general, don't read that shit...that's why I don't take a damn thing without reading the shit myself...

I hope you feel better soon.

I gotta watch the kitty now...

Monica Cassani said...

hmmm..well the cat thing is interesting but I'm not so sure I like the idea of imposing that on an animal...yeah, maybe she ended up liking it but she could have hated it and then it would have simply been a human being imposing weird shit on an animal...

in any case, they seem happy and healthy (both the doggy and kitty)

Ana said...

I agree with Gianna.
I've read a post on FS where you said you were going to taper Cymbalta.
But you dose was increased.
I don't understand that!
I hope you get better.

susan said...

@Anonymous- you are right. My cat hates the water.

@Gianna, you are right- my other doctors and my pharmacy check for interactions, before writing scripts or filling them. I assumed, and when you assume...I couldn't make my girl(s) do that. One of them, as a kitten, went into the shower with me, and never ever went near the shower again!

@Ana, I was looking to taper the Cymbalta from 60 to 40 when I wrote that on FS. Since then the lithium level wasn't at a "theraputic' range, so it's been going up steadily, and when it gets there and stays there, then I can start tapering the Cymbalta. My goal for 09 is to be weaned off all other drugs and back down to under 1000 mg of lithium. I think it's do-able.

Polar Bear said...

Scary isn't it, that doctors don't always seem to know what they're doing?

I don't really trust mine either. I'm on 600-800mg of Seroquel and he thinks this is "low". I read somewhere that anything more than 800mg is untested. A few months ago my pdoc wanted to increase it to 1200mg!! I just refused.

Border Life said...

Ugh. So sorry about the migraine.

Catatonic Kid said...

Sorry about the weird migraines. That really bites. Interrupted sleep does me more harm than good half the time.

soulful sepulcher said...

Sometimes weather changes give me headaches, for example from rain to snow...just a thought.

Hang in there, Cymbalta is a tough one to move up and down with.

Mala50 said...

So sorry to hear things are tough sweetie -- I'm back rom holiday and have been thinking of you.

I was incarcerated in a mental health institute (voluntarily) about 18 years ago and have never quite got over that. I do hope you cn stay at home and live an independent life.

Hugs and much love


Anonymous said...

Great home remedy for headaches and migranes is to soak a face towel in vinegar and put it on your forehead. Yes it stinks but it helps with headaches so maybe worth a try with the migrane?

Southernbelle said...

First--take care with those meds!!! And no, apparently doctors never read anything about side effects or drug interactions!!

Take good care of yourself, sweetie! You deserve it after all you've been thru--heck, you deserve it no matter what! *smile* I hope the wretched migraines stop soon, and that you get your appetite back!

And THANK YOU for that awesome video--I loved it!! That is just the coolest thing--I have GOT to show it to my mom, it'll make her day!!!

Love and hugs to you and the Striped One,

Anonymous said...

i am convinced that most anti- depressants and antipsychotics only make us sicker.

When I was taking Lamictal, at first i loved it except for the massive headaches I had every single day for months from 3p-11p (odd, i know) but other than that, it beat Seroquel's side effects. However, I agree, the best medicine today are pets AND eastern medicine!

I'm new to your blog and will catch up with your writing, eventually!!!

all my best to you!

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