Sunday, February 19, 2012

Over-medicated America: the result of pharmaceutical companies directing medicine (infographic)

This gem comes directly from Gianna Kali, author of the Beyond Meds blog. I loved it so much I had to reprint it.  Thank you Gianna!

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Rossa Forbes said...

Susan (and Gianna)
Great advice, with one caveat. It says to ask about therapy options for depression only. Many people have the mistaken idea (perpetuated by the pharmaceutical industry, of course)that therapy doesn't work for "serious mental health" diagnoses, like schizophrenia. So, there's room on that couch for more than just depression.
Best wishes, as always,

Ruth said...

Thanks for posting this. It gives everyone a lot to think about.

susan said...

Hi Rossa, I know that therapy works for schizophrenia, but I think you just gave me my next blog post. Thank you for the inspiration.

Ruth, glad you liked it. I thought it was salient, especially with the 60 Minutes piece yesterday.

Mark p.s.2 said...

What is missing from the chart on over-prescribing is that members of the Government are large stockholders of the Drug companies.

This puts the Government into a conflict of interest.

The Limitless Man said...

I should wonder what your take is on natural supplementation like nootropics and herbs as opposed to big pharma manufactured compounds?

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

I just found your blog and love the massive drug post. Luckily I only take one prescription med.....hmmm, wonder if there are other options. Have a great day and I'll come back to visit.

susan said...

@Mark - I agree, but this was done by a school that teaches coding and billing. I thought it was a great introduction.

@Limited man- I see nothing wrong with supplements. I take a few. Unfortunately there are bad supplements out there and good ones. I got a list from Consumers and got my supplements from a company that got a high rating from them.
It's a very good thing you brought this up.

@Rita- I love your blog! A fellow kitty lover! Thank you for finding me. I look forward to reading you as well and having our kitties "meet" each other.

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Great diagram. Thank you for posting it.

paz said...

Great post! I get really bothered by all of the pharmaceutical commercials, especially those for mental illness.

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