Sunday, February 5, 2012

Miki, the amazing doggie activist.

It’s a doggy weekend here in my neck of the woods. Saturday I spent the entire afternoon with some friends and their fabulous, cute as a button therapy dog, Miki, the Pomeranian.  How cute is he? So cute that I want to adopt a dog! 
Miki was on TV yesterday. National TV. You see, Miki got the ACE award from the AKC (American Kennel Club) in the field of therapy dog. Both Susan and I are friends with Trish Baker, who is “mom” to Miki.
Trish started A.I.R., “Attitudes In Reverse”, an organization that brings awareness of suicide prevention to students. Miki attends A.I.R. awareness events and starts many conversations regarding mental health and suicide prevention.
“He goes everywhere with me,” Baker said. The little dog has helped her through many rough times, including the death of her son. When they wear their green and white AIR t-shirts out and about, people stop to ask about the organization. Baker explains that the white part of the shirt represents hope and the green represents children’s mental illness. Baker said that since children were their main target, they “saw a benefit in having a dog there.”
The award that Miki will be receiving on Saturday afternoon on ABC at 2pm is for ACE, Award of Canine Excellence. He was entered into the Therapy category, which was the largest one with about 200 entries, according to Baker.
After narrowing down all the entries, the judges decided that Miki’s was such a powerful story, it needed to be told.”
Here’s a video of Miki and the other four dogs that got medals in this category.

I defy anyone not to get weepy at viewing Bingo, a service dog that helps his boy with cerebral palsy.
For those who want to get in touch with Miki, you can find him on Facebook under “Miki The Parti-Pomeranian” and “Like” his page. I hope you will. He can also be found under the A.I.R. website.

(Part of this article was on the TWIM blog, February 5, 2012. Picture of Miki was taken by me). 


Ruth said...

Thank you for sharing this.

Sid said...

Great video, even if it did have me in tears. I love animals. They can touch your heart like nothing else.

Noch Noch said...

awesome dog. since i got a puppy i had also gotten better fr depression
Noch Noch

susan said...

@Ruth, I am so glad you liked this!

@Sid- I agree. They work their way into your heart. Must be the fur.

@Noch Noch, I'm glad to hear you like Puppy Therapy! I loved having Miki on my lap last week, but he smelled cat on my clothes and didn't like me. Cats and dogs really know how to make you feel better.

paz said...

My mom's two white pomeranians just helped me through today's downward spiral. Luna, the female, smaller of the two came in to cuddle with me when I fell into a crying fit earlier--a good thing since I'm home alone recovering from a fracture.

I have a bone condition so I spent much of my childhood in and out of the hospital, and some of my favorite memories there were the "therapy dog days".

Dogs are amazing therapists and Miki is so adorable.

susan said...

Paz, I'm forwarding what you wrote to Miki and his human family for them to read. Your Poms sound gorgeous. Miki is the first Pom I ever saw in real life and he is the cutest thing. If I could get a dog, I would consider a Pom

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