Monday, April 30, 2012

Present and accounted for

Has it been really almost two months since I blogged last? I'm so sorry. It was not my intention. Here's the scoop. After I posted my last piece, I came down with a very bad strep throat. I usually get one strep throat every winter, so it's not a big deal. This one was no different. I saw the doctor, got a dose of antibiotics, and just basically slept for a week straight, having the alarm clock wake me when it was time to take another dose. With every dose, I checked on the cat, fed, watered and changed her box. Then would go back to sleep.

 A week later, my antibiotics had expired and I was still the same. Back to the doctor. Some more tests, and more antibiotics. Same week as before. The antibiotics and the strep made me sleep. And when the antibiotics were finished, my throat was still the same. One more time to the doctor. One more dose of antibiotics, the doctor wondering why my body was so resistant to the medicine. One more week of extreme sleep. When the medicine had run it's course, I finally started to feel a bit better. A bit better.

By this time, it was April. Something happened. I physically started feeling better- then an issue with the family I cannot disclose at the moment, but will in future. I got slammed with a bout of depression that took me straight back to bed. I couldn't leave the bed, not even for the smallest things. I wasn't suicidal, just immobile. I had to make myself move. You can't stay in bed. That took about a week. Then a day or two to figure out what I was going to say on my blog. How is this. While you may love blogging/writing, it must be disciplined. If you don't do it one day, then the next day it's easier not to do it and next thing you know it's been almost two months since your last piece. Well, that is where I am. Brainstorming and jotting down ideas for tomorrow's entry, and the day after that.....

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back again, Susan. I'm really sorry you got strep and then a depressive episode.

I've had strep 2-3 times. It's horrible.


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