Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On Macs, Apple and Cats

Steve Jobs is dead. The man who was the genius behind Apple, and gave me the best computers I ever had, a Preforma 575 bought in 1995, an iBook laptop bought ten years later, and a MacBook Pro bought in 2010. I own an iPhone and two ipods. I have an Apple sticker on my car's rear view window. I even managed to get my mother, father, sister, friends and even the Ex to join the cult of Mac.

Something about Macs that are just- well, cuter and nicer than Windows platform. More friendly. Even cats like them more than Windows. Holly loves her Mac.

Thank you Mr. Jobs and Apple for making the best computers on the market, and giving both me and my cat countless happy hours on them. Since your computers aren't waterproof, I will log off now, so my tears don't get in the keyboard.


Annapurna Moffatt said...

Well put. He will be missed.

Re: computers not being waterproof: my dad once spilled some OJ on the keyboard of his first computer, a Mac LC III (from '93). He then came up with the brilliant idea of putting the keyboard in the oven to dry it off. BAD IDEA!!!! When he took it out of the oven, the thing was completely useless due to all the warping the heat did to it, and he had to replace it. The old keyboard then became a toy for me, and I spent many hours pretending to type on it (this was years before I learned to type properly).

I myself am the proud owner of a late '07 MacBook Pro (my first computer) and a second generation iPod Nano (my second iPod: due to the absence of a screen, I never liked the iPod Shuffle). My dad's currently on his fourth Mac, which is about a year old.

Ruth said...

I took care of a lab of Mac Classics and SEs. In art Macs rule. PCs just can't do the work. I love my Mac. Thanks to Steve Jobs I was employed for 15 years taking care of computers. :)

Anonymous said...

Steve Jobs was great at what he did. There's no need to further fellate the man's memory. He made good computers, he made good phones, he made good music players. He sold them well. He got obscenely rich. He enabled an entire generation of techie design fetishists to walk around with more attractive gadgets. He did not meaningfully reduce poverty, or make life-saving scientific discoveries, or end wars or heal the sick or befriend the friendless. Which is fine—most of us don't.

susan said...

@Annapurna- I didn't know you liked Macs! My first Mac was made in 94. It's the computer you see on old episodes of Seinfeld. It still works, but it desperately needs a mouse, and will not use internet. It's running OS 7.9. I really loved that computer, every time I made a spelling error and hit the backspace key, it said "Sorry Dave, I cannot do that". I don't like shuffles either. But I think it would be great for the gym.

@Ruth, thank you for sharing your story. I recall taking Cobol and Fortran in college, I hated PC's because of it. I love my macs.

@Anonymous-I don't think the majority of all humans make life scientific discoveries, end wars or heal the sick. The best you can hope to do at the end of your life, is to make a difference to one or two people. Steve Jobs made a difference to me. He gave me a good tool to write with. And when I get bored, I can look at cute pictures of my cat on the wallpaper, or have breaking news pop up on my iphone. He made me happy. Not many people in this world have done that. For that one small thing, he mattered to me. Believe it or not, you mattered to me also, for writing in and commenting. Thank you for that.

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