Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! My friend Gianna Kali and I both decided to post this picture on our blogs today to celebrate the holiday and our mutual love of all things that are cat. The link to the Cheezeburger site is here.

My cat, Holly is dressing up for the holiday. Here is a picture of her of what she should look like wearing her costume, but she refuses to wear it. She's either going as one of Freya's kitties, or Flavor Flav. This is not Holly, but a cat named Molly who has been around the interwebs for about 15 years, and is now at TRB. (I apologize to those who thought this was actually Holly. I could never get her to pose that still for anything unless she is sleeping).
On a serious note, please keep your pets inside if they get spooked by the doorbell, and never feed a dog chocolate.


Gianna said...

LOVE the pic of Holly!!!

Wondering how I might embarrass Jezebel in a similar fashion?

Annapurna Moffatt said...

To go with Holly's costume: The Ride of the Valkyries, as performed by the Met Opera (Otto Schenk production).

Happy Halloween!

susan said...

Hi Gianna.

It's actually not Holly, though I've used it as a screen saver for many many years. The actual cat's name is Molly and she is the identical twin to Holly. I made a hat for her like this, and she refused to wear it, and I wanted everyone to see what she would look like, and enjoy because it's a lovely picture. I realized though it's really not Holly- and it might be a copyright thing, and I thought more people actually knew the picture and would get my joke.
The actual cat in the picture, Molly, went to TRB several years ago.

susan said...

Hi Annapurna,

Holly's knowledge of Wagner extends to the Bugs Bunny episode of "What's Opera Doc", where Bugs and Elmer sing Wagner. A cat can sit through 7 minutes of Opera- any more and it's nap time. She wouldn't even stay awake through the sound track of "Cats".

Jen Daisybee said...

Happy Halloween to Holly from Princess Spooky (I am a black cat so this is my day!) and Ribbit the Little Lion. We got Temptations treats. Mom posted a picture of Spooky on Facebook to scare away the kids.

noch said...

hahaah so cute!
i dressed up as myself :)

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