Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Update On Lithium Toxicity (I hope this will clear up any confusion)

There seems to be some miscommunication going around the blogosphere what caused my kidneys to fail. I fear I might have accidentally added to it.

I saw the GP yesterday. Here is the official scoop, which I hope will end any confusion.

The official result that was sent to the insurance company is  from "Unknown Etymology".
My GP told my mother he thinks it was from an over the counter pain pill I had taken 18 hours before for menstrual cramps. I took two pills, and in 18 hours they  had left my system by then.

However the second time I was admitted to the hospital I spoke to several doctors and interns  who actually took the time to sit down with me and go over the meds I have been on and said it was from lithium poisoning but they would never swear to that on the record.

I was premature when I blogged from my hospital bed it might have been from Nexium or Seroquel, the results from the biopsy had not come in and the doctors were just shooting theories at me, and I was desperate to tell people I am alive. NO RESULTS WERE KNOWN AT THE TIME BECAUSE THE BIOPSY GOT LOST AND IT TOOK TWO WEEKS TO GET THE RESULTS. When I spoke to another blogger on the phone two weeks ago, the biopsy had not come in. No one knew at the time what the official reason was.

So I admit I made a huge mistake in blogging what it might and might not have been.  We learn from our mistakes and I am truly sorry for any confusion I might have caused. It was not my intent.

And for those who still might doubt me, at the time of my admission, there was only Seroquel and lithium in my blood stream. No other drugs.  I take Nexium once a week. And there was the OTC pill I had taken for cramps 18 hours prior. I had taken the Nexium pill several days earlier, so it was not in my blood stream. Nexium did not show up on the biopsy. You can draw your own conclusions.

Again, I am sorry for any misconceptions that are going around the blogosphere. If there is any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at Hollythecat at gmail. com
I understand if anyone is angry at me because of this, It was not my intention.

I have stated the complete facts as they are totally known.



Syd said...

Susan, I am just glad that you are okay. I can't imagine anyone being angry about your being okay, regardless of what it was caused by. Take care.

Wendy - Caleb's Mom said...

Susan - The condition you were in - I don't know how you even managed to try to communicate what was going on. I know the hospitals, the doctors, are all running to hide and pretend they don't know what the meds do... Those who love you, don't have any problem about what you thought it was, what you were told or any other confusion, we are just happy that you are alive to tell the story. To hell with the others!

Ana said...

I don't think you did any kind of misunderstanding.
You don't own any apology because we knew that you were still at the hospital and any conclusion at that time would be too soon.
Did your GP talked to you you should have to drink more water or any kind of measure you could take to help your body work better?
I know that these drugs are to blame. I also been on many but never lithium.
Think about your new life and I'm glad you left a group that wasn't helping you.
Love... and tenderness to you and Holy,
Ana and Nell

Anonymous said...

Girl, you gotta take care of yourself first. Anyone who gets pissy with you is trying to make themselves feel better about the choices that they are making. Sometimes a little blind faith when it comes to doctors can be a good thing. But when I look at your case, it makes me want to question everything thrown at me. Keep on doing what you are doing. - Beth

Stephi said...

I think everyone is just glad that you are doing fine, but thank you for your honesty- this reminds me of the time when I was told I could have a brain tumor. My mother went on a texting and e-mail frenzy asking everyone we ever met to pray for the brain tumor- even though I hadn't had an MRI yet- which would later confirm it was NOT a brain but Benign Intercranial Hypertension. To this day I still get asked how the operation went and if I had to have radiotherapy. Oops!

Stephany said...


The link to this post shown below this comment box is NOT the real Bob Fiddaman blog, it is his stalker who copied this post to a imposter blog.

Mary LA said...

Susan I am just glad you are fine. Take care of yourself.

Southernbelle said...

How on earth could anyone be mad at you??? You told the truth as you knew it at the time, and you are one of the most HONEST ppl I know! I am just thrilled that you are getting better and blogging again, puh-leeze quit beating up on yourself, and BE HAPPY!!!!! (YES, that is an order from Dr. Southernbelle haha!) Sweetpea and I send much love and headbonks to you and lovely Holly!!!

Jonathan Dosick said...


Hey, the fact that you got through all this (and have kept going) is the only one that matters!

I'm glad that you have some answers, and you're here with us blogging!

daedalus2u said...

Did the OTC pill contain asprin? You might consider Reye's Syndrome. Usually that attacks the liver, but ???

Anonymous said...

If I was in your place - in pain, scared, out of it, etc... I would have posted whatever was on my mind too - I don't think you need to apologize at all... or feel bad...

You needed to type it out at the time as a form of release or something -

Doctors are always telling us every little thing they THINK it could be - and I think it just makes matters worse - because then you're mind obviously thinks it's the WORST thing they think it is... I hate when they do that...

Take care of yourself and hoping you're feeling better...


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