Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm back!

I finally got wifi, and am able to get into my mail, and start blogging again proper!

I'm still in a lot of pain, I've been rushed back to the hospital twice since my last post but fortunately didn't have to stay overnight. I am resting at my parents house walking with the help of a walker, since I cannot stand up or walk on my own, and I have a catheter since... well, we won't go there .

I know it's early, but I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday. Here's one of my favorite holiday songs, cutesy of the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Enjoy.



test said...

Yay! She's back!!!

test said...

I still can't figure out this blogger posting nonsense. That "test" is me, your old pal Beth. I'm glad you are better.

Mike Golch said...

I'm glad your back to blogging.Hugs.

Cheryl said...

Glad you're back. Thought you're Jewish?

Becky Murphy said...

I know you were glad to be able to post again! Thank you for the warm wishes for a Happy Holiday. Be good to yourself and know you are in my prayers.


susan said...

Hi Cheryl,

Yes I am a very lapsed Jew. But I love when friends invite me over for the holiday, but all and all I just love the month of December.

susan said...

Hi Beth, Yes I am back, I'm on a wifi now! Hurray!!!

susan said...

Thanks Mike, it;'s nice to see you again on the blogosphere. Happy Holidays to you and your family,

susan said...

Becky, thank you and also for the funny videos on FB. They really had me laughing

Andrew said...

All the best for you Susan, now and always.

Stephi said...

It's great to hear from you Susan! I have been thinking about you a lot. Thanks for all the little updates on twitter.

I am glad you are with your family now and they are caring for you. I know that there is a lot of hard stuff going on right now but I hope that you will have a very happy holiday season all the same:)

Much love

Sallyo said...

So glad you're back! Here's to a healthy and happy new year. Sending healing prayers and hugs your way.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back. Lots of good wishes for a great holiday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan!

Wow! You've been doing a LOT of blogging since you've been "back" and I'm happy to see that! I hope you keep getting better and better!!

Merry Christmas and take care!!!


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