Friday, September 10, 2010

Suicide Prevention Day, In Memoriam

September 10 is World Wide Suicide Prevention Day. Anyone who has read my blog knows I have attempted five times. It is by sheer serendipity that I am here, each method I picked was very lethal and it's just a matter of luck I was found in time or miscalculated horribly.

I've known and lost many friends to suicide, the two that haunt me is my friend Kevin who I have dedicated this blog to, and Kenny Baker, who I never had the honor to meet, but I feel I know through his wonderful mom and dad.

Both of these men died at the same place and both of them were far to young to die. Both of them suffered from terrible bouts of depression, yet were so alive they did so much living in their 26 and 18 years respectively. And both left huge holes in the hearts of those that loved them.

If you are suicidal, try to see if you can talk to someone. Be with someone.
Or call   1-800-273-TALK (8255)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for alerting me to the date. I once lost a roommate to suicide and it still stings when I talk about her or hear her name. And like you, I've attempted to take my life four times and it is only by chance, stomach pumping, and activated charcoal that I'm still here.

I hope that your last suicide attempt is your last suicide attempt. You're a beautiful person.

Wishing you well,

misssrobin said...

Beautiful and important post.

I've lost people, almost lost people, and wanted to go myself -- through suicide.

In fact, tomorrow is the anniversary of the successful suicide of my friend's husband.

Important date to remember.

Ana said...

Hi Susan!
I also attempted twice because of drug-induced suicide ideation.
I have a post at my blog about one of these.
Thank you for this post.
I also hope you never attempt again and when any idea comes to you mind you come online and search for help.
I know that there is no rational thinking or any kind of good thought during the period of suicidal thoughts.

sarah said...

it's so good that you're doing this. I tried too...many times and it's a miracle I'm still here. I've had friends who didn't make it and a co-worker last year who committed suicide. She had planned it for a week.

Andrew said...

Two of my brothers were suicides. I made one attempt myself many years ago, and through a serendipitous event I am still here.

Remember Susan, you are Loved.

susan said...

Little late in the responses....'

@Nos, I am glad you are here. I had my stomach pumped too and the charcoal and ipecac thing. It's no fun.

@Miss Robin, Thank you. I hope you were OK during the anniversary. Those are hard days.

@Ana, thank you. I don't know if it was from drugs or just plain depression.

@Sarah, I am glad you are here too.

@Andrew. Same.

I am glad you all are here and we failed at this.
Sometimes it is good to fail.

Syd said...

I wish that my friend K. had not taken her life. What a shame. She had so much to offer so many and had been sober for 24 years. It still bothers me.

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