Monday, December 21, 2009

Ex Drug Rep Wins Survivor Samoa

Ah, I love Andy Denhart. I missed the show last night- because I didn't want to see three hours of solid Russell planning and plotting- I can handle him for an hour- but not for three...but I am glad he won fan favorite. He was my favorite despite it all.

So Andy of course scoops the show like he has done for every year, and this morning I find out that Natalie White, the former drug rep, won the whole shebang. Good for her for outlasting, and out playing Russell.

So a former drug rep wins.... nothing new, a former drug rep, and imho the best woman to play Survivor, Stephanie was a drug rep. So were at least one or two others from every series.

But still it begs the question- I know how Big Pharma goes to colleges and universities and aIms for a certain type to be a drug rep. You cannot be stupid, you must be attractive, and it's great to be an athlete or a cheerleader. Especially a cheerleader.

I just wish they were going around with samples of chocolate, or puppies and/or kittens instead of Prozac. But the few reps I have met- when they come to my former shrink's office, they always had big boxes of Duncan Donuts with them- and they always offered me one.

Maybe the drug companies could come up with a pill that tastes exactly like a donut- with no calories. They can hire Willy Wonka to work on it.

Huge Hat tip to Pharma Gossip!


WillSpirit said...

When I worked as an intern in a large New York hospital, the drug reps would bring us Pizzas and plastic pens. They would try to sweet talk us into prescribing antibiotics that cost $100 dollars a dose rather than using the older drugs that cost $10. Cute and flirtatious girls, one-of-the-guys men, really friendly all. My thought always was, if they're going to bribe and flirt, they could do it for higher stakes. Nice dinners. Maybe some shows. A little physical contact? But many of us were suckers, and used the drugs just because they bought us cheap junk and smiled. Human nature, I guess. Either way, it wasn't about what was best for the patients. I hated it, and was glad when I later worked for Kaiser, where they kept the reps out. The woman in the picture looks typical, if maybe at the upper end of the scale. I'm sure she sold a lot of drugs.

Annapurna Moffatt said...

I love hr accent.

Ana said...

I like your statement WillSpirit.
Thank you for that!
The girl don't have a chance with me.
Not my style.
I mean if I was a man that would not be my kind of lady.
Too young, thin and no Annapurna, i don't like her accent, her voice, I mean...
I like mysterious women.
Not obvious like her. Too blonde, too straight hair... too fashionable.
Not my style.
Too dumb maybe? No.

Ana said...

I am waiting for your answer Susan.
Don't be hard on yourself.

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