Thursday, December 3, 2009

Evening Ramblings

Not depressed but overall sadness encompassing, feels weird. Don't know if I should embrace it and write through it, or just sit on the couch, wrap up in my snuggie and smoke and cry through it. Ideas?

I wish there was someone here to hold me, just hold me.

I think Paul Simon said it better than I am trying.

"All my words come back to me,
in shades of mediocrity.
Like emptiness and harmony,
I need someone to comfort me".

Beautiful full moon outside. Humbling. I think I am going to sit on the couch with my baby panda bear and just look at it.



Ana said...

I wish I was there to hold you. We all know this feeling when we really need a comforting hug.
Think of all of us hugging you.

Lili said...

Hugs sweetie~

Wellness Writer said...

Hope you feel better soon! Yes, it is so nice to have someone hold us when we feel blue! Hugs from Los Angeles!


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

I just wanted to send you some hugs. Sometimes I wish I had someone to hold me too. I've been really anxious lately, but can't trust anyone enough to explain so they can help me through it. :(

I love the Paul Simon quote, BTW. Simon and Garfunkel are favourites of mine.

Comforting tailwags,

susan said...

I am a lucky girl to have so many huggies!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

You're welcome re: the hugs. :)

Sadness is a yucky thing to deal with. One of my things that isn't-depression-but-feels-crummy-anyway is the grief over having chronic depression since age 12. It feels like something, like innocence, has been lost. I don't even know where to begin an actual grieving process, though...


Syd said...

Susan, I'm just catching up. I hope that you are okay. Calling a friend in the program generally helps me. A hug from me to you.

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