Sunday, November 11, 2007

Always remember the 11th of November

Today is Veteran's Day. 

While many no longer remember those who gave up their lives for us in wars, today we remember them, those fought in any wars, anywhere in the world. Those from WWI are long since dust, those from WWII are finding their way there now.  Recently, the Ken Burns special on WWII  said vets from this war are dying at roughly 1200 a day. My father is in this group, and when he heard that stat he got sad, thinking of many of his army buddies are no longer here. 

I've seen Vietnam vets homeless, I saw one frozen dead in front of Trump Tower and people walking by like it was nothing. I noticed the man was missing a leg.

And now our boys and girls are coming back from a war  with a high rate of alcoholism and suicide. And that scares me. They don't deserve that. 

I am not getting political here, that isn't what this blog is about. The blog is about trying to educate people on mental health issues, and publishing bits of my novel, which has the same title of this blog. But we have I repeat HAVE to as what is the greatest country in the world- do something for these soldiers other than 3 hots and a cot at the local VA. 

So while it's Veteran's Day. lets think of those soldiers who need our help the most. And thank them.

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