Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Wonders- Henri

If you're like me, you've hardly been on the computer the last few days. It's a good thing in my case, I've been getting out and doing things. Today was the first day since last Saturday where I did have a bout of agoraphobia.

I've been doing a little bit of writing for the blog, I wrote a piece yesterday but I'm not happy with it to post, it still needs tweaking. So I thought - let's post something fun for a change,

Let me introduce you to Henri the cat. Henri suffers from depression and even worse- existential angst and despair. In other words, If Camus was a cat, he would be Henri.

For all those who sat through Existentialism classes in University- (Me! Me) and for all of us who know what that angst and feeling is, I hope you enjoy Henri the French Feline. There's a little bit of Henri in all of us. Henri has a fan page on Facebook if you want to friend him. I did.


Sandy Naiman said...

Hi Susan,

I LOVED Henri. Brilliantly sardonic. Especially the scale. Thanks for making me smile on a day sadly far from amusing.

E-hugs and affection,

susan said...

Hi Sandy,

So glad you liked Henri and he was able to give you a little smile on a bad day.

I'm saving Henri part 3 for another time. Poor Henri goes to the vet! Quelle Horror!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. I always wonder what go's through a cat's head the 10 or 15 minutes they are not asleep.

Ruth said...

Enjoyed meeting Henri. Thanks.

susan said...

@Q1605- I'm glad you found it funny. I wonder what goes through a cats mind too. My guess it's probably about some type of bird action, squirrel action, or food related. Or wanting lots of scritches and hugs.

@Ruth, I am glad you liked meeting Henri. He is a beautiful kitty and so smart! I totally approve of him for a boyfriend for my girl.

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