Thursday, May 5, 2011

This has nothing to do with mental health. Please save this cat

Update: Precious was adopted today, Friday the 6th. It's a miracle. Thank you to all who reached out and helped to save the life of this cat. 

For those readers who have been blessed with the company of a dog or a cat, there is nothing like that. They give us so much love and happiness and ask nothing of us other than a warm bed to sleep in, food to eat and a litter box or walkies.

Pets are better than Prozac.

Here is the story of Precious. I cannot believe I'm posting this but cat has touched me and I do not want to see her put down because she cannot find a furever home. And she will be put down in a two days. 

Please if you can, consider adopting her, or if she is too far, another shelter animal. They will love you back with kindness and help you get through the rough times and recovery. And please put in writing what should be done with your animals so they won't suffer like Precious. My fur baby came close to being put down this past November because my parents felt no one would adopt an 11 year old cat that was considered unadoptable when I got her. I am blessed I have a friend who will take her should I have died or become unable to have her.

Here is Precious' story

I lived alone with my mama who I adored above all things. We had a very,very happy life. Then my mama fell to the floor and I went over to her but she was not moving. Her son came over to find her. They took her somewhere and she did not come back for a month. 
I did not want to go upstairs in the house where she was. I knew that if I sat on the hot water heater downstairs, I would have a better vantage point to see her car come in. I waited and waited and waited for a month and no one came, no mama. 
Then some people came and got me. They stuck me in a cage and I got sick in the cage because I felt like they would never let me out. 
Then a woman came to adopt me. She had me for three days and her husband got sick and now I am being taken back to the house with the prison bars and the people who will not let me out. I was a very good kitty at my new home, but the woman too was elderly and she said she would have to stay long hours at the hospital to take care of her sick husband and that was not fair to me. I am very worried. No body wants a 6 year old kitty. I am healthy though, except that I am not allowed out of the small cage and the litter box I have to use is where I have to sleep because it is so small. I am fully vetted, tested for FIV and Feleuk and spayed and have all my shots. 
My mama died, I was told. I miss her something awful. Everything was okay untill she fell on the floor that day and now I live in a small cage. 
Can you ask someone to help me please??? I am in Greenville, SC. 


Natalie said...

Ah, this breaks my heart! Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of losing my precious 14-year-old kitty, Bear. I know all too well how important and amazing they are.

My best friend is in the Greenville area - I just asked her to send out the alert to her network, and to check with no-kill shelters as well. The one I know about is already at capacity...of course, given the time of year.

Thanks for spreading the word - really hoping someone lets this special kitty into their lives. She deserves it, and so do they!

susan said...


Thank you. This cat sounds like a real sweetheart. I've never done this before, I will never again until I start my cat blog- which will just be cat oriented- but this broke my heart, it could have been my baby.

I wrote to Brian, the author of the blog who Tweeted about this last night, and I would drive to SC if I could to collect her.

I know it's silly with the world going to heck in a handbasket, but my heart is breaking over this kitty.

Thank you.

Stephi said...

If I was still living in the States I would have done everything I could to adopt this kitty...but I can't. I posted her story on my blog when you first tweeted about it and it breaks my heart that her life will end because no one will love her.

susan said...


Thank you. I;m still hoping she will get a reprieve by the final hour,

Thank you so much for caring though. It's just one little cat, but little random acts of kindness like this can change the whole world.

Natalie said...

Susan - It's not the least bit silly, and I completely get it! If each of us were more concerned with the individual people and animals whose lives we can actually change, the world would be a much more peaceful place. (And if I weren't on the west coast, I'd be there in a heartbeat to pick her up.) Thanks again for posting.

Natalie said...

I'm sure you've already heard - but she found a home! Yay!! :) (Looking forward to checking out your cat blog down the road.)

susan said...

Natalie, Thank you. She was adopted today, no other words but I was told she will have a very good life.

Thank you all for caring.

As for the cat blog, I;m having some problems getting it online. I will let you all know when it's up and running.

Anonymous said...

I came here for the first time today because I have bipolar, but I love cats, so I will be looking for your cat blog. I am glad the kitty was adopted.

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I;m having some problems getting it online. I will let you all know when it's up and running.

Grace said...

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