Wednesday, March 25, 2009

still here

I am still here. Just battling a bad case of the blues, and this time it effected my ability to write. It has never done that before. MY pen does not get dry from the black dog before.

I am not experiencing problems from my lithium level- it is being tapered down and the levels are OK. I apologize for any confusion yesterday regarding a piece that may have led some readers I was having a toxic reaction to my lithium.

I have a friend visiting tomorrow to make sure I pay the bills for the month- and get some food in my stomach. I will be OK. I miss my blogging friends and readers.

In the mean time, my favorite flower in the world- a Daff and a white rose. Here is a Daff for Spring.


Andy Alt said...

Susan, I wouldn't worry too much about your bills right now. I'm sure whoever wants your money will understand that you're not feeling well, and they'll be filled with compassion and empathy for a fellow human being.

People who have mental problems, like the AIG executives and other successful, wealthy people who helped bring this country down, you need to start learning about business and managing money for your own benefits and tax evasion purposes.

And once you're educated about financial law, you'll be able to combine your mental illness with knowledge of how to hurt other people through the economy, but the difference is that you'll be wearing a suit, and be able to afford many lawyers who can protect you from the evil poor people of America who'd like to do you harm. For those are the terrorists, you see, the poor people who work for a living every day, and in their spare time, because they can't afford to go to movies, they spend their free time developing diabolical methods that will take away the bonuses of the vulnerable, mentally ill people who work at AIG.

I'm glad that even though your brain is sick, you remain a good person. As you know, some people with mental illness harm other people. But I guess so do people who don't have mental illness. I don't really know if greed, apathy, and callousness toward other humans is considered a mental illness, but being responsible enough to get your bills paid, by either you or someone helping is you, may be an excellent sign that even though you're going through hell, many, many years from now you'll have earned a place in Heaven (kind of like getting a bonus) and be able to look down on all the evil people, as you carefully and thoughtfully target them with your water balloons and spit.

I know that will make you happy and cause you to giggle with glee.

And remember, Susan, that claiming Holly as a dependent on your tax evasion forms is not the act of a mentally disturbed person, but someone who has good business sense.

AlisonHymes said...

So you stopped vomiting? I'm so glad. And relieved, so relieved.

Sandy Naiman said...

Dear Susan,
I am so happy you posted a Spring daffodil. You may be feeling down but to send such an exquisitely joyful image suggests to me that somewhere you also feel hopeful.

I hope that your friend will not only help you to nourish your body but encourage you to get outside and breathe some fresh air. To go for a little walk. Perhaps some Spring flowers are poking their heads up in your neighbourhood.

I find when I'm walking and just being outdoors in the fresh air, my mind fills with ideas.

I'm sure you know that the Latin "in spirare" or is the origin of the word "inspire" which means "to breathe in" and we need that to live and thrive.

If paying your bills will make you feel better, will lighten your load, go for it, too.

Don't worry about past messages. We love you and care about you.

One day at a time. If needs be, one hour at a time and please be good to yourself. You have no reason to apologize for anything.


Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you my friend, please take care.


Ana said...

Thank you for telling us how you are feeling.
I hope you get better soon.
It's been a long time you're having troubles to adjust your doses.
Take good care of yourself and, please, eat well!
It's important to eat well and this is from someone who is not very fond of food.
But I have decided to eat well.
Don't you have a way to ask for nutritious food near your place in a good prize?
Hope you come back soon!

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

hi susan.

susan said...

hi mom. I miss you all.

D Bunker said...

These friends would never desert you.

So you just come on back whenever you're good and ready. They'll still be here.

Surgeon in my dreams said...

SOunds normal, the up and down. Remind yourself that just as it comes around, it will leave again too. I live it as well. Love ya.

Sherry said...

Glad you're taking care of yourself, including bill paying. We're all still here for you.

They tell me spring is coming. I'll let you know if they're right. So far the foot of snow still blanketing my yard tells me otherwise. On the other hand, it was two feet of snow last week.

Thanks for the spring daffodil, really appreciate it.

Best wishes to you and Holly,
Sherry in NH

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