Sunday, October 28, 2012

Touching Base


I'm still here. Been battling a very bad depression, couldn't get out of the bed, couldn't write, didn't want to burden anyone with how bad it was going.

There was a lot of talk about hospitalization, and a medication that would not cause any more damage to my body but in the long run, I just totally cut the cord with the computer not wanting to upset anyone how bad things were going.

They are at the moment looking up and getting better. I had been working on a piece to post in the next day or two- it's taking longer to write now that I've lost my groove

and now I am dealing with the fact Hurricane Sandy is approaching so I don't know when I will be back on line.

This blog isn't dead. I'm not dead. The cat isn't dead.

I want to get back to blogging full time. Bare with me. I'll be back as soon as I can.



Annapurna Moffatt said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and are writing again.

Mike Golch said...

Hugs my friend Be safe from Sandy.

roxanne s. sukhan said...

be safe ... and hugs

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, Susan. Stay safe.

Hugs and tailwags,

Anonymous said...


Taking some of those drugs you described for 20 years, I've developed two metabolic disorders: Depakote gave me PCOS, and Trileptal caused me to not to be able to process vit D. Have you ever checked that?
Hope you feel better. Will read your blog, and post some comments. Take care and keep out of the hurricane.

Feminist Voice with Disabilities said...

I'm sorry you've been having a rough time, Susan, and good luck with the hurricane, but we'll be here and your blog will be here when you can return. I always look forward to your posts.

Fred said...

Thanks for touching base, Susan. You are doing a good job.

midnight rainbow said...

Hang in there, it is tough, but you'll get through it. One way or another. :)

Unknown said...

Susan, thanks for your refreshing honesty. No need to hide your struggles - no matter how deep and dark. This is what people/we relate to most - and odd enough - it's an ANTI-DEPRESSANT for many, including me. Coz it helps those who know the "valley of the shadow of death" well, that they are never alone in this rough painful place. And it creates hope that we can move through it TOGETHER!

Please let's link and we can swop websites/blogs. My website with blog is: Living with Bipolar and Depression at

Let me know if interested, when you are ready.

Warm regards,

Anonymous said...

hello,very pleased to meet you; many greetings and best wishes to you and the cat, hoping to have news from you soon

Miss Defective said...

I hope you're doing better and I hope you were able to stay safe during Hurricane Sandy. Please take care of you!

aurevoir said...

Hi I loved your blog, added to favs. Just starting a blog myself. Not gonna blog fulltime at all though I know how tiring being here can be. I'm working out of depression. Going to take therapy. Taking meds. And working on a schedule I hope you come out of it.

Take care.

Glyn Morris said...

Hello. I'm looking forward to your next blog entry from here in England.
Hope your mood is now on the up.

Glyn Morris said...

Hello. I'm looking forward to your next blog entry from here in England.
Hope your mood is now on the up.

Glyn Morris said...

Hello. I'm looking forward to your next blog entry from here in England.
Hope your mood is now on the up.

Anonymous said...

You're not alone. My friend describes life as a science fiction horror film...on many days he is right.

Hate to sound so dark - - just know you aren't alone. Love, a fan who is beyond numb.

Gerald Bouthner said...

My bipolar disorder puts me in very serious levels of depression as well. I am glad you checked in and let us know you are okay.

Living with bipolar disorder is a serious challenge. Finding the right combination of drug treatment can take a little while.

Considering that 30% of people who are being treated with drug therapy for their mental illness do not respond at all to the treatment. Those who do find improvement are very fortunate.

Keep fighting the fight, you are not alone in your battle.

Anthony said...

Hi Susan,

How are you doing today? My name is also Susan. I am the adm of ehealth24live, also on blogger.

This is my first time reading your blog. It's great that you like to get involved more with others, even online.

Keep trying, things will only get better.

Susan K. Nguyen

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