Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rachel Alexandra should have won Eurovision Too

My family is over the moon that Rachel Alexandra, the first filly since 1924 has won the Preakness.

But I cannot help but think- since Eurovision was also yesterday, could she have been the inspiration for the Eurovision entry "My Lovely Horse"?

Channel 4 won't allow embedding from this video, so here is the hyperllink. Enjoy one of the truly great comedy classics.

This video is for you, Rachel Alexandra! I am sure Ted and Dougal had your in mind for this music video!

My Lovely Horse


Ana said...

Just saying "Hi".
I haven't seen but if you say she should have won I agree.

susan said...

she is some horse ana!

Marian said...

What a shame, she didn't run (and win) the Kentucky Derby! She'd had a chance to be the first filly ever to be a Triple Crown winner. Beautiful horse!

Marian said...

Belmont Stakes or not (thanks for the heads up!) - I did a post on her anyway.

BTW: my e-mail address is in my profile, both on blogger and facebook :)


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