Monday, September 5, 2011

Break the Silence on Mental Illness-September 24

Today, Shock Girl tells us how we can break the silence on mental illness. Do your part to raise awareness. Please consider attending this important event, on September 24. Thank you.

Hat tip to Nami Dearest


D Bunker said...

Shut yo' mouth, reactionary bourgeois. The workers will never overthrow their capitalist, running dog oppressors with yo' spreading such counter revolutionary sedition.

Commissar Weldon and his "Informal & Non-Binding" HHS enforcenet lackeys will not be pleased.

I promise you. You Will be monitored from the new Weldon Command Center on the Coast of Florida (just 90 convenient miles from safe haven in Cuba on the 1 in a Million chance that the capitalist dogs steal the next election and try to martyr the heroic architect & bagman of the People's TMAP.)

Jen Daisybee said...

I'm all for this day of awareness, and read about it on Facebook. I'll be participating. Thanks for the post, Susan. I'll post about it on my blog soon too!

susan said...

@D Bunker, I will be watching you. You better be wearing something red, or I will send you a one way ticket to the Weldon Command Center in Florida, and there will be no stopping at Disney before or after.

@ Jen, thanks. it's on Facebook. Several people are doing it- but I have to admit, I like Shock Girl the best. I want that bra. I wish Victoria Secret made one.

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