Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday Time For a Cute Fix

I will be spending most of the day with the urologist, to figure out why I am having problems urinating. Bladder and kidney tests, blood work, oh fun!!

So to keep everyone happy- here is a new video with a cat and a dolphin. How can you not like it? The cat even looks identical to my cat- cept the cat on the video is a boy. It's a keeper.

Back tomorrow.


bipolrtude said...

OMG - so freakin' CUTE! I have to send this to Ray Williams Johnson of "Equals Three" on YouTube. He loves adorable clips; he doesn't even pretend he doesn't.

I'll be sending you positive thoughts and good energy all day, Susan.

((kitten hanging from tree branch)),

midnight rainbow said...

That was so awesome!! Every day I find a reason why I love animals so much. Thanks for sharing, it did make my day.

Hope something makes you smile today too.

Ruth said...

Great video. Hoping things go well with your appointment.

Arteriovenous said...

Great video. Hoping things go well with your appointment.
Thank you for post.

Jen Daisybee said...

Thanks for posting that; it was tooo cute!! I needed something to brighten up my night. I hope your tests went well, and that the kidney trouble is taken care of soon. Keep us posted!

patientanonymous said...

That is really great. Dolphins are so intelligent and gentle and have awesome communication skills. Cats can have them as well! Looks like a good match, there.

I should be seeing a Hematologist at some point in the near(?) future. Yes, the joy of specialists!

Take care,

Adam Glenn said...

Cute video. Good luck at the doctor's office.

Syd said...

Enjoyed that video. Hope that you will find out the problem with the urinary tract.

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