Sunday, December 16, 2007

looking for understanding

An old friend of mine, once told me I was the only person who understood him. I guess I didn;t since we broke up, but I understood his bipolar.

Now I am home, doped up to the gillls on pills and no one seems to understand. I have anxiety, something I have never had before, and I cannot sleep. even with sleeping pills. I want someone to rub my back, to say they understand,

but I don't understand. What is going on with my body?


tim said...

We all love you. What music stirs your soul?

susan said...

I love all music but rap.

I have a lot of 70's and 80's stuff on my ipod. I love to write with that on it.

I am always interested in finding new bands.

Stephany said...
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Anonymous Mom said...

you'll get through this, too. give yourself a break, you feel what you feel. allow yourself to feel bad, then maybe you can feel better.


Anonymous said...

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+PHc said...

I am doped to the gills on pill, I listed them on my site in case the number made anyone else feel better. It has been constant adjusting, and a lot of confusion, and mistrust, but me, I've gone off them enough times to know I'm not going to make it without them. And this particular combination and the maintenance, and patience with the beeping phone reminder to take them... But at this moment they are right. (Although I didn't sleep last night either.) They can be right. It can get there. With work and extraordinary patience and faith, and then you can feel the full range of experience, not ever all good, with some degree of ease. May you live with ease of heart. Happy Christmas, whatever that means to you.

Stephany said...
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