Friday, August 28, 2009

The Most Beautiful Video I Have Ever Seen-Tezcatlipoca

I know it's silly, but I would love to see this film go viral. The creator is a 24 year old student who worked on this an entire semester for a senior project. And I have a thing for Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Like other Aztec deities, Tezcatlipoca could be both helpful and destructive. As a god of the sun, he ripened the crops but could also send a burning drought that killed the plants. The patron god of helpless folk such as orphans and slaves, he was also the patron of royalty, and he gloried in war and human sacrifice. Another of Tezcatlipoca’s roles was to punish sinners and cheats, but he himself could not be trusted.

Although associated with the sun, Tezcatlipoca was even more strongly linked with night and its dark mysteries, including dreams, sorcery, witches, and demons. Legend said that he roamed the earth each night in the form of a skeleton whose ribs opened like doors. If a person met Tezcatlipoca and was bold enough to reach through those doors and seize his heart, the god would promise riches and power in order to be released. He would not keep his promises, though….

As a trickster god, Tezcatlipoca delighted in overturning the order of things, causing conflict and confusion. Sometimes, these disruptions could also be a source of creative energy and positive change. Tezcatlipoca’s ultimate trick was one he played on his fellow god Quetzalcoatl. After introducing Quetzalcoatl to drunkenness and other vices, he used his mirror to show Quetzalcoatl how weak and degraded he had become. Quetzalcoatl fled the world in shame, leaving it to Tezcatlipoca. He did, however, promise to return at the end of a 52-year cycle.


D Bunker said...

Wow! Nice Vid!

susan said...

Thank you Bunker. Can you believe the guy who did it is only 24?

Anonymous said...


susan said...

Thank you bipolarlife! Good to see you again!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Tezcatlipoca: "Lord of the Misty Mirror" /sometimes referred as "obsidian mirror". So why should that be scary? Remember when you finish taking your morning bath and then go to the bathroom mirror to take a look at yourself? the mirror is all blurry from the condensation of the hot vapor, and so you can't discern your face well.

For Mesoamerican cultures, there was nothing as scary as uncertainty. Sure, we all know we're going to die some day —but when? how? I believe that out of this fear of uncertainty they pursued their advance knowledge in Astronomy, as a way to predict the cycles of Nature —and maybe even human cycles as well.

Incidentally, the legend of Tezcatlipoca getting Quetzalcoatl drunk has different versions. One of the most common ones is that after Quetzalcoatl got drunk, he then had sex with his sister; and that it was this act what ashamed him so much —He that preached a life of celibacy and moral restraint—that he decided to leave the land, and throw himself to aburning pyre, to be transformed into the morning star (the planet Venus).

It's an interesting dichotomy the one between Quetzalcoatl/Tezcatlipoca, very similar to Vishnu/Shiva if one thinks about it. I have been wanting to write on my blog about a very curious thing I discovered some time ago regarding Quetzalcoatl. Stay tuned :)

Art4ArtsSake said...

Hi Susan

Thank you I very much enjoyed that video and the info about T.

Art4ArtsSake said...

Is that available on utube or anywhere else with a url?

susan said...

Art- Double click on the video, it will take you directly to You Tube..... and the page it is on.

From that you can see a little bit/blurb about the author , and go to his website.

But here is the link below for that, and how to contact the artist.

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